Deleted Data Retrieval From Crashed Hard Disk

Hard disk drives are the best popular storage media to store or save important information & data. But if these hard disk drives are damaged or corrupted, it will lead to data loss. No need to panic, recovering data from SSD hard drive and crashed hard drive is very simple with Disk Drive Recovery Software. With this recovery tool, you can easily get back files from formatted or missing partitions and from inaccessible HDD in just a few steps. This application scans the entire hard disk in a few minutes and restore deleted files as they were before. It will recover more than 300 different file formats from various storage devices. It also facilitates to restore lost files from Transcend Jet flash 700 USB 3.0 flash drive at your fingertips.

Viruses are the most common reason for hard disk crash. This situation occurs when your hard disk is attacked by viruses and you do scanning by using an anti-virus program or any third party utility. And these programs delete the infected files from your hard disk. If your system files are also infected by viruses, these anti-virus programs delete the infected system files, as a result of which hard disk fails to boot and leading to hard disk crash. What you will do if the hard disk which is crashed contains your important data which is very important to you, just keep your worry aside and use hard drive recovery tool, which is recommended by industry experts to overcome such type of problems. By using this tool, you can easily recuperate lost files from external hard drive after FAT table corruption within few mouse clicks.

Corruption of Master Boot Record (MBR) is the other reason for hard disk crash. As we all know, MBR is the most critical part of NTFS & FAT file systems, it is necessary for proper booting of an operating system. The Master Boot Record contains the Master Boot Code and Master Partition Table. So, any damage or corruption to MBR results in a hard disk crash and thus you may not be able to boot your personal computer and due to this you lose your critical data stored on the hard disk. To get back deleted data from the crashed hard drive, you can make use of Disk Drive Rescue Software and with this tool you can also retrieve Seagate hard disk with bad sectors and even from other portable drives. Corruption of MBR also results in Bad hard drive. If the hard drive goes bad you cannot access the data stored in it and computer fail to start up. In such case use drive rescue application to get back data from bad hard drive.

Improper shutdown of the computer may result in corruption of system files and this could also lead to hard drive crash. You can restore your data from damaged hard disk by using this application with utmost ease. By using this application, it is very easy to get back files formatted in Macintosh WD My Book Studio and Windows based OS. It supports various external hard drive brands such as Buffalo, Toshiba, Hitachi, Iomega and many more.

Accidental formatting of the hard drive is the other main reason which cause huge data loss to the user. Most of the times, users accidentally format their hard drive while trying to format some other data storage drive and thus results in loss of important files and folders present on the hard disk drive. It is always advised to keep proper backup of files before formatting to avoid such data loss. In such situation, you can use this application to get back data from formatted hard disk drive in just a few mouse clicks.

Some other reasons for hard disk crash are mentioned below:
• Re-partitioning of Logical Drives.
• Software Corruption or Malfunction.
• Power surges

Disk Drive Recovery Software will help you to solve such data loss problems occurred due to hard drive crash. This application is developed with simple user interface and apart from this, it also helps you to regain deleted media files from Kingston Data Traveler Elite 3.0 USB flash drive and from other flash drives as well. To get more information about it, you just visit the link


Steps to retrieve deleted data from crashed hard disk drive:

Step 1: Launch the free trial version of the software. Home screen appears as illustrated in Figure A. Click on Recover Files and then select Recover Deleted Files.

Deleted Data Retrieval From Crashed Hard Disk - Main Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 2: Software shows the list drives from which it can recover deleted data as illustrated in Figure B. Select your hard drive.

Deleted Data Retrieval From Crashed Hard Disk - Choose HDD

Figure B: Select Hard Drive

Step 3: Software starts scanning the hard drive to locate and retrieve lost data. Upon completion of drive scan, you will get list of recovered data as illustrated in Figure C.

Deleted Data Retrieval From Crashed Hard Disk - Retrieved Files

Figure C: Restored Data


Step 4: Preview the recovered data. If you are happy with the results obtained using trial version, then buy the licensed version to save recovered data.

For Leopard (10.5) and

Snow Leopard (10.6) users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users